Our History






"... beyond the hedges you could hear the vineyard and you could see the reeds: this is the beauty of Canelli. It seems to be far away, in a different country, and the hill is no longer the hill, even the sky is clearer, as if it is both sunny and raining... "

- Cesare Pavese -

Via Alba is still so in Canelli today as then, behind the houses the vineyard is heard, and among the lime trees the hill has the colour of white grapes. Today as then there is San Marco. In the times of Pavese it was an ancient "ostu" with stabling, which took its name from a nearby church. During the celebration of the Evangelist Saint the women of the countryside went on a pilgrimage to propitiate the hatching of the "bigat", the silkworms they carried in their chests. Today there is no longer the church, nor even the "bigat", but there is still San Marco, and the "Moscato air" that occasionally breathes among the lime trees. And we can find Mariuccia and Piercarlo, who with discretion and perseverance keep the great gastronomic culture of this domain alive, rejuvenating it with love when necessary, and in many cases rediscovering ancient traditions.