San Marco Restaurant in Canelli, on the border between Langa and Monferrato, where the hills are sweeter and where the Moscato vineyards have found the ideal climate. From an ancient tavern with stabling that served minestrone and hot soups at the beginning of the century, to a refined restaurant, the San Marco has become a must for gourmets and for those who want to discover the most ancient secrets of this land: precious recipes of the Monferrato tradition are constantly evolving in the hands of Mariuccia Ferrero who expertly rejuvenates and "re-creates" them with great success. The winery instead, with more than 600 wines, is managed with skill and passion by Piercarlo Ferrero. Pleasant, intimate and elegantly familiar, the San Marco Restaurant carefully sets its tables; the dishes, presented with extreme care, are linked to the territory and the seasons: salads of eggs, truffles, tajarin, “plin agnolotti”, cheese fondue and “finanziera” (meat speciality) are accompanied by fragrant homemade bread. If the food is excellent,  the real exception is the desserts, such as the Langa bunet, the fruit jams and the small pastries: classic proposals interpreted with intuition and imagination.